WinAPEX VC4105A+ Digital Grounding Resistance Tester Grounding Geometer

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  1. USE INDICATION: For grounding voltage measurement, the grounding body needs to be powered off. Please first adjust the range selection switch to the EARTH VOLTAGE position. If this voltage is above 10V, the grounding resistance measurement value may cause errors.
  2.  INSTALL INDICATION: The grounding resistance level standard of the electric tower is less than 4 ?. The ground nails P and C should be driven into the ground in a straight line at an interval of 5 to 10 meters from the measured ground object. The green wire should be connected to the E end of the instrument, the yellow wire should be connected to the P end, and the red wire should be connected to the C end.
  3. RESISTANCE TEST: A simple method for measuring grounding resistance. Testing is to replace the auxiliary grounding electrode C with an existing grounding electrode with a small grounding impedance, such as a metal water pipe, a common grounding point for commercial power systems, or a grounding endpoint for buildings.
  4. SILICONE COVER: Coated with premium silicone material, this megohmmeter is insulated, safe and reliable to use.
  5. APPLICABLE SCENARIOS: Electrical megohmmeter is suitable for measuring the resistance of various materials and electrical equipment such as motors, cables, switches, electrical appliances, etc.

Item Type: Resistance Tester
Material: ABS
Color: Green
Grounding Resistance:
Basic Accuracy: ± (2%+0.1 ?); ±(2%+3d); ±(2%+3d)
Ground Voltage (50Hz to 200Hz):
Range: AC200V
Basic Accuracy: ± (2%+6d)
Resolution: 0.1V
Input Impedance: 1M ?
Overload : 200Vrms
Auxiliary Testing Red Line: Approx. 15m / 49.2ft


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