TOMZN All in 1 63A WIFI Smart Circuit Breaker with voltage current and leakage protection. Tomzn 10in1 Smart Protector

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TOMZN 10in1 Wifi Smart Protector 

APP: Smart Life , Tuya 


  • After power failure when wapda comes the meter turns on and resumes power supply automatically.
  • It will not save the last state of on/off when restarts after a power failure.


Rated voltage: 230V; Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ

1. Remote control ON/OFF at any time from anywhere by phone.

2. Review current ,voltage, leakage current, total kWh on the phone

3. Timer function in smartlife TUYA app

4.Can set over voltage/under voltage/over current /leakage current in app or can set these by manual

5.Under voltage protection 140V-210V (adjustable) (default: 170V)

6.Over voltage proteciton 225V-295V (adjustable) (default: 265)

7.Over current protection 1A-63A (adjustable) (default: 40A)

8.Reconnect time (delay on time): 1s-500s (default: 30s)

9.Voltage/current/kW calibration: -9.9%-9.9%

10.Action time: 1-30s (detault 1s)

11. power consumption less than 2W

The product can cut off L and N both.


Ask a Question
  • ?اس کی ایپ کا کیا نام ہے

    Tuya Smart

  • Bhai is main 3 phase kay liy mil jay ga?

    Not available in 3 Phase.

  • When will it be restocked?

    In just 3 to 4 Days.

  • برادر اسے لگائیں گے کیسے

    Sir, kisi Elecrician se Install krvain. Connection simple han , oper se input deni hy , nechy se Out put.

  • It has its own memory to store data/instructions or it is saving data online, for example I schedule a task to turn on/off and it goes offline. Does it work or not?

    Timer function works when your mobile phone is online.But other protection features work with offline.

  • Is it available for 3 phase meter?

    No sir, Currently it is only available in single phase.

  • Assalam o Alikum mein nay pehlay change over lagwaia hoa hay. Kia yeh device dono meters ko control karay gi? Ya yeh sirf single meter k liay hay?

    Sir , Ap kr skty han. Changeover ki output pr lga dain.

  • Stock kb tk available ho ga?

    Hopefully 2,3 days me InshAllah

  • Does it support net metering? Does it count the exported units?

    Sir, It doesn’t support net metering.It is only for one way flow.

  • It is available for purchase?

    Sir, New Stock 1,2 days me update ho ga.

  • It works as a change over for 2 meters ? Or only use for a single meter

    Sir, This is not a changeover.

  • Is it for 3-Phase meter? I have Net metering will it work with it as well ?

    Dear Sir, This is for Single Phase meter / Line. 1 Live and 1 Neutral .

  • With fitting and guaranteed

    Dear Sir , Fitting not included and not provided.  Check Warranty only.

  • is their any warranty of tomzon smart wifi protector 10 in 1.

    Dear Sir , No official warranty in Pakistan.  We Provide Check Warranty only.

  • Does it have guarrente Does it support 1Circuit breaker 2 earth breaker

    No official warranty. 
    We provide check warranty only. 
    It is not short Circuit Breaker. 
    It works as Earth Breaker. 
    It is Volt and Ampere Protector.

  • Does it have warrenty if yes then how long the company or you on behalf of company provides?

    No official warranty in Pakistan.  
    We provide check warranty only.

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