TOMZN 5in1 2024 model Over And Under Voltage Over Current with Current Leakage 63A

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Rs.4,250 Rs.4,500


  • Leakage range: 10~99mA(adjustable)(Default 30mA)  Leakage response time: ≤0.1S
  • Over voltage range: AC250~300V(adjustable)(Default 270V) Overvoltage response time: ≤0.1S
  • Low voltage range: AC150~190V(adjustable)(Default 170V) Low voltage response time: ≤0.1S
  • Over current range: 1~63A (adjustable)  (Default 40A) Overcurrent range response time: ≤0.1S
  • Short-circuit current: ≥31ln  Short-circuit response time: ≤0.1S
  • Error in real-time current, voltage, and leakage current: ≤5%

  • Note: No Product Warranty.



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      Sir, jab nya stock avail huta ha tu product ky price mn b minor changes huty hn purchase k according.

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