TENSE 6 IN 1 80-300V AC Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Power KWH Meter Watt Meter 100A 4 Colors LCD Display




1. This multi-functional meter can measure and display the AC voltage, AC current, active power, power factor, frequency in hertz and electricity consumption.
2. Using color high-definition LCD screen to display the data.
3.180 degrees viewing angle without dead ends.
4. With save function / memory function: When power down, the meter will automatically save the current electricity consumption. And it will read this value and continue to accumulate after power on.


Color: Black
Dimensions: 79mm x 43mm x 48mm / 3.1 x 1.7 x 1.9 in
Package weight: 100g
Voltage measuring range: AC 80.0~300.0V
Current measuring range: AC 0~99.99A (Current display resolution is 0.01A. when the current is more than 100A, it will display for 100.0A)
Active power range: 0-45000W (When the “display range” within 0-9999.9W, the power display resolution is 0.1W; when the “display range” above 0-9999.9W, the power display range is 1W)
Electric power range: 0-9999 999 kwh (When the “display range” within 0-9999.999 kwh, the display resolution is 0.001kwh; when the “display range” within 10000.00-99999.99 kwh, the display resolution is 0.01kwh; when the “display range” within 100000.0-999999.9 kwh, the electric power display resolution is 0.1kwh; when the “display range” above 999999.9 kwh, the electric power display resolution is 1kwh. )


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  • what is i) accuracy of the product ii) sample rate of product iii) CT is external or built im

    Its Accurate.
    Rs 3200
    External CT

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