Ice Ball - Fire Extinguishing Ball A Simpe And Fastest Way To Extinguish A Fire

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Ice Ball Fire Extinguisher is a self-activated firefighting device. This is a ball-shaped fire extinguisher. It becomes activate automatically without human assistance when comes in contact with the fire. It gives a warning sound of 100 dB. The extinguishing chemical that this ball contains is dry chemical powder. Its coverage area capability is more than 100 cubic feet. It is used to quencher fires involving solids, cloth, rubber, electricity, and combustible liquids. This firefighting tool has a life span of 60 months

These places are given below:

  • Electrical Panel rooms.
  • Industrial warehouses.
  • Computer server rooms.
  • Banks.
  • Petrol pumps.
  • Hospital and health care clinic.
  • Restaurants.
  • Commercial offices.
  • Railways and bus stops.

The key specifications of this fire products are as following:

Medium        Dry Powder (Mono Ammonium Phosphate)
Weight    1.3 kg
Coverage Area  8-10 m2
Diameter  152 mm
Activation Time 3 – 10 seconds
Warning Audio                         100-120 dB
Possibility of failure                 Possibility of failure is zero
Life Span                                  60 Months
Maintenance                            No maintenance required
Size                                          6 inches’ round



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