External Disconnect Switch Box Heavy-Duty Metal Box 12X12/10X12

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Size: 10X11
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The Waterproof Metal Panel Box has arrived! This rugged and reliable housing is your guardian against the elements, protecting your sensitive electronics from rain, dust, and even the occasional splash.
  • Material: Heavy-duty Metal
  • Size :
  • 12inch (width) X 12inch (length) X 6.0 inch (depth) ,
  • 10inch (width) X 12inch (length) X 5.0 inch (depth)
    • Impenetrable Defense: Boasting heavy-duty metal construction, this box withstands harsh weather conditions and physical impact.
    • Weatherproof Seal: IP65-rated for dust and water resistance, you can rest assured your electronics stay dry and protected.
    • Versatile Design: Accommodate a wide range of applications with its adaptable interior space and multiple mounting options.
    • Easy Access: A convenient hinged door allows for quick and easy access to your equipment.
    • Clean Finish: The smooth and professional finish looks great in any setting, from industrial to residential.


              • Protect electrical equipment: Securely house control panels, switches, and other sensitive electronics outdoors.
              • House communication systems: Shield your internet routers, security cameras, and other communication devices from the elements.
              • Enclose industrial components: Safeguard motors, sensors, and other industrial equipment from dust, moisture, and tampering.
              • DIY projects: Create a durable and weatherproof enclosure for your custom electronics projects.


                      • Peace of mind: Enjoy the long-lasting protection of your valuable electronics.
                      • Reduced maintenance: Say goodbye to frequent repairs and replacements caused by weather damage.
                      • Improved reliability: Ensure your equipment performs consistently and reliably in any environment.
                      • Enhanced aesthetics: The sleek and professional design adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.


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