Westpoint Dry Iron (WF-282)

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Westpoint Dry Iron (WF-282) Overview

Westpoint is known for its good quality products in reasonable price. It has great range of products used to reduce your effort in daily life, so you can enjoy more life. Now you can wear perfect wrinkle free clothes everyday, as Westpoint brings you the amazing WF-282 – Deluxe Dry Iron – White, which is better than average quality, and is light weighed. It is used to remove wrinkles and crease from your clothes. This iron is easy to use and doesn’t leave your hands tired, due to it’s light weight. It removes wrinkles from your clothes just like they have arrived newly pressed by dry cleaners. Westpoint Dry Iron WF 282 in Pakistan with Free Home Delivery

Westpoint Dry Iron (WF-282)

  • Cable Feed Via 360 Degree Pivot Joint.
  • Over Heat Safty Protection.
  • Comfortable Handle For Easy Grip.
  • Stable Heel Rest.
  • 1200 Watts.



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