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When it comes to men’s fashion and beauty, the first thing that creates an impact is the well-trimmed beard. For the best shaving experience is offering the high quality electric Kemei shaving machine in Pakistan. This is a truly great deal for men’s beauty and fashion. All is available on cheap rates and 100% reliability.The product assures the smooth and clean glowing skin after usage. The main purpose is to ease you with the availability of best option to make sure that you can easily trim your own beard, nose hairs and head hair. Therefore, this is the best deal available for you right now in the cheapest rates. Kemei shaving machine in Pakistan is so famous already in many parts of the world. But, we are also offering it in Pakistan at any location for FREE. kemei trimmer in pakistan

Kemei Men’s Shaver in Pakistan

To be more precise, kemei shaving machine in Pakistan also comes in multiple variations that fulfill your requirements in diversified manner. There are multiple tools and gadgets involved in making you a smooth and clean trim. is the only platform that gives you the best trimming experience every time.

Free Shipping of Kemei Shaving Machine in Pakistan

The best part of the entire shaving experience is that we are giving you free shipping option of all the products. This is best feature that you can get for the kemeishaving machine in Pakistan. Either you are in remote locations or the prime one, there are no delivery charges applicable on the product price. Therefore, buy now and enjoy the best experience of fashion and beauty.

Kemei Shaving Machine Features

The kemei shaving machine in Pakistan is an electric tool for trimming beard, hair, nose and also with ear hair. It’s head can be adjusted to a multiple range of angles and it’s blade are well balanced during shaving contact with your face, moreover, it ensures minimum irritation and gives a precise shave. Now you can experience premium shaving! It is a precision manufacturing low vibration low noise design best ergonomic design can be used for child or baby or man or woman or old people can be used for a hair salon or Personal Care Freely control your hair length Professional low noise design, suitable for use in a baby sleeping. Men look best when perfectly groomed! Trim your hair at home without any pain, remove all the unwanted hair super-fast and easy.Kemei is the best shaving solution for all types of skins. After shaving your face is perfectly toned, clear and smooth. Kemei is a must have for mens to stay groomed and in looking like a gentle man.

  • Powerful durable motor
  • Precise cute-angled moving blade
  • One internal environment-friendly lithium cobaltite(LiCoO2)Battery for a 2-hour charge
  • Floating moving blade, sharp and durable
  • Available to work for about 120min after fully charged
  • Dual-purposed power supply technology
  • Smart host chip management and safety for power supply

Product details

A smooth shave and a clean dapper skin glowing like a morning sun. That is what every man looks out for when he buys an automatic razor. From the beginning razors having metal blades are famous for their accurate and clean shave.With recent advent of technology and safety concerns supplemented by lack of time for hygiene, men have taken to sophisticated means to remove facial and underarm hairs. Kemei shaving machine in Pakistan is a leading name in the segment of top quality men’s grooming line with as many as multiple shaving articles available commercially.

Kemei shaving machine in Pakistan is a high end shaving accessory that swears by quality material and waterproof construction.This rechargeable shaver is dry and comes with a slim curvy design which gives amazing grip in hand while shaving.Not once will you have a feeling that you just dropped the razor in to the basin or in the tub. It is made up of rugged plastic body and comes with blades having greatly sharp titanium pointed stainless steel spikes. It has a chargeable battery life of eight hours. With a comfortable speed gear packing 88900 rounds per minute, the motor drive is non fuzzy and hardly belts out any noise or vibration. Go for a smooth finish with this amazing Men’s Shaver from Kemei. shaving machine price in pakistan

Some of the additional features of Kemei shaving machine in Pakistan are

  • Product: rechargeable electric shaver
  • Input Voltage: AC 110-240V  50Hz
  • Power: 3W
  • Charging time: 2hours,
  • Using time: 120min
  • Product size: 17.3*5.8cm
  • Machine weight: 157g
  • Four Utilities: electric razor, nose trimmer, sideburn trimmer

How to Use

This shaver is rechargeable. When you use, you just take a little soap and water, switch the shaver on until the soap lathers nicely. Then rinse off with water. This Item consists of four floating razor tops; individually reflex action system gets close to facial contour to efficiently shave the hairs of multiple lengths and in various growing directions. State of the art design of five blades and their collaboration will bring about excellent shaving results.

Safety Warning

It is recommended to only use the original charger which comes in the box. The user has to insure that the charge does not becomes damp. The charger includes a transformer which should not be removed or replaced with any other plug. Otherwise it will lead to hazardous results. If the charger stops working, it should be replaced with a new one which should be of the original type to bypass any danger. The charger must be unplugged prior to the cleaning of the shaver with running water.

Package list
1*facial cleanser
1*nose hair trimmer
1*sideburn trimmer
1*Hair brush

For all that is required to get the best out for your beauty and fashion, kemei shaving machine in Pakistan is the best option available in market. is the most reliable option to opt for while choosing the online shopping experience. As you all know in addition to these shaving machines we are also offering a lot of other appliances that will serve as the best possible partners and solutions.


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