Sinko 70A Hybrid MPPT solar charge controller 36V/48V



Product detail:
  • Dual display LCD& LED indicators
  • Charging amps. displayed on lCD.
  • Solar reverse polarity protection.
  • Solar long life due to reverse current protection.
  • Abstract max solar energy and utilize it Evenafter the sunset.
  • Compatible with any type of u.p.s & solar.
  • All the parameters are changeable by function keys.
  • Cut off Utility source within the sunrise.
  • long life due to auto cooling fan.
  • Sinko
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  • Helo Sir tittle men 70 Amp write hy and box pe 65amp. And solar voltage rage comfirm bata minimum and maximum kitni range k between yeh run kray ga.

    Dear Sir,
    Ye 65A MPPT Solar Charge controller hy.
    For 12V :
    PV input 22V - 145V , 1000W Max Input
    For 24V:
    PV input 44V - 145V , 2000W Max Input

  • What is the max PV range for 70 amp?

    You can attach 4800W of panels with pv range of 35VDC - 160VDC.

  • Hello dear, why the price of 70 Amp is more than 80 Amp? Is it better than 80 amps modle? I can not see AC in and out line sockets. Is there or not?

    Sir, 70 amp model is for 48V battery system and 80 amp is for 12V and 24V system.

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