SIMTEK Hybrid MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100A with DC load Auto detection 12V/24V

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Rs.35,999 Rs.40,000


Product detail:
  • Hybrid – Battery Charger Auto Cut Off.
  • 1700W / 3400W Solar Capacity 
  • DC load option 
  • Changeable settings 
  • Low battery warning 
  • 220v Out You can Connect Charger or UPS.
  • Daylight WAPDA not Used.
  • At Evening Auto WAPDA Convert.
  • Digital display & Led battery Level indicator.
  • 96% efficiency in 12-V systems and 97% efficiency in 24-v systems.
  • Wide input voltage range: 15 V to 170V
  • High rated output current: 100A 
  • Over-charge and surge protections.
  • System over-temperature and ambient light detection capabilities.
  • Simtek


Ask a Question
  • Can this be used to power AC home appliances directly or not? If not what device can be used for this purpose?

    Dear Sir, This is only Solar Charge Cointroller, It does not provide AC output for Home Appliances. You need UPS or Inverter with it to power your appliances.

  • As its Hybrid inverter , can i use it as a on grid inverter? . Mean i want to use it without battery sink with WAPDA?

    It cannot be used without battetry and its not a Inverter.

  • Kya dc load le sakty hain begair battery ke? Jesse aap ne dc load option ka mentioned kya ha?

    Sir, without battery aap iss dy direct DC load ni ly skty .

  • How much DC load can be connected?

    Max 5 ampere, You can use relay for heavy load.

  • Kya yeh UPS ka bhe kaam kerta hy?

    SIR , Ye sirf Solar Charge Controller hy.

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