MORA 125A Breaker 2 Pole DC MCCB Breaker, Battery Breaker, Solar Panels Breaker, and Copper Points

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  • DC Breaker (Direct Current Breaker): A device designed to interrupt or break the flow of direct current (DC) in a circuit. In the context of a solar power system, it's likely used to protect components from overcurrent or short circuits on the DC side.
  • 125A 2-Pole MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker): This is a circuit breaker with a rated current of 125 amperes and two poles. MCCBs are commonly used for the protection of electrical circuits and devices. The 2 poles indicate that it can interrupt two conductors simultaneously.
  • Battery Breaker: This could refer to a circuit breaker specifically designed for use in a battery system. It helps protect the battery and connected devices from overcurrent.
  • Solar Panels Breaker: This likely refers to a circuit breaker used in connection with solar panels. It could be part of the solar array's electrical system to provide protection.
  • Copper Points: Copper is a common material used in electrical systems due to its excellent conductivity. "Copper points" could refer to connection points or terminals made of copper, ensuring good electrical contact.


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